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a short description of daytar pong:

daytar pong is a project, which includes several versions of pong. It reflects daytars personal and mathematical preferences. Technically, daytar pong makes use of jreality a multiplatform modular rendering tool, whose development is important to Tim. The current version of daytar pong includes two parts: ToPong and EgoPong. ToPong is a pong for one player, which lives on a Torus (=doughnut) in 3D space. The movement of the ball is along geodesics on that torus. Geodesics are locally shortest or straightest connections of two points. There is a flat version next to the 3D version in order to get a better understanding for the mathematical content. (We were thinking of extending ToPong to higher mathematical genii). ToPong can be played online via a Java-Webstart application. EgoPong is also a pong for one player, however it lives on a "flat torus" and hence the geodesics here are just straight lines. The paddle in a one player torus pong is for us a metaphor for the individuum and its reaction to its surrounding. We wanted to carry this metaphor somewhat to its extreme and this lead to the development of EgoPong. In other words -the paddle in EgoPong is the head of the player. It is read in by any simple webcam. The player has to move around in order to move the paddle. The ball is bounced off with the players own head. EgoPong is sofar not available for download, but you can watch a video with Tim playing it. In addition you can play the flat pong version in an applet.

daytar pong is part of the exhibition: pong.mythos which travels to Stuttgart, Germany (Würtembergischer Kunstverein) Leipzig, Germany (Games Convention) and Bern (Switzerland) (Kornhausforum).

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