This site includes digital experiments in the intersection of art, math and physics. We call it the daytar site. daytar is the tarred data of our days. The site is run by the daytar group. The daytar group is presently Tim Nikolai Hoffmann and Nadja Kutz (we). We are currently located in Berlin, Germany.

Some people solve a jigsaw puzzle by starting out with a big blotch which grows into the big picture. However in order to find the big picture some people lay out pieces wherever they think they could belong to. Our strategy is rather the latter.

Hence our daytar works (please see top red navigation bar) are usually concerned with a multitude of aspects in parallel, however the two main interests (which are in fact interlinked) of our experiments are roughly:

--1)math and perception including:
------communication with/of math/physics
------mathematical experiments with perception/cognition
------comments on/or experiments with art/design/technology from the mathematical perspective
--2)mathematical abstraction and visual and/or audio representations

Each of our pieces has its own emphasis.

Documentation about our media art works can be found in chronological order via the above ''media art'' link. The link "other art" contains documentations of more general art, ''mathVis'' contains some mathematical visualization, "astlab" contains links to experiments in the intersection to technology. "randform" currently links to the randform blog, which is in part also seen as being a media art piece in itself. "lateron" is Tims blog, which contains some comics and other.
Our cv's are linked under ''cvnad'' and ''cvtim''.

you can contact us at art@ and then daytar and then .de

Interview with us on soundtoys (please click on daytar 2005 and then on interview).

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