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ToPong is a pong for one player, which lives on a Torus (=doughnut) in 3D space. The movement of the ball is along geodesics on that torus. Geodesics are locally shortest or straightest connections of two points. There is a flat version next to the 3D version in order to get a better understanding for the mathematical content. (We were thinking of extending ToPong to higher mathematical genii).


ToPong can be played online via a Java-Webstart application. The two torus versions are displayed in two different windows. Please wait until both windows are loaded. The torus (=doughnut) can be rotated with the right mouse button. The paddle on the torus can be moved by dragging with the left mouse button. The speed of ToPong depends on the abilities of your computer. It may be too slow on older models :-(

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