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cloneGiz is an interactive Java applet for online use. CloneGiz is an applet which adresses the question of controlled genetic design. I.e. with given specific genetic material/data (like "parents") the existence of controlled genetic design would mean that it would be possible to design new life forms ("clones") by a controllable process ("a formula").

In CloneGiz a set of image parents (to be found in the parent bank) allows to " breed " (i.e. generate) new images, which are called "image clones". The image clones are a " mixture " of the image parents.

The " image parents " are pictures, which the user may draw via the additional drawing interface (parent editor). There is a set of example image parents. These are front views of Manga faces and drawings of Noh masks.

The " cloning " process is encoded in a mathematical formula, which can be interactively entered in the main window. I.e. the user decides how to clone - he/she has the control over the genetic design.

The parents of a clone correspond to the variables in an equation. The factors in front of the variables correspond to the weights of the parents. For example: The result of 2*father+1*mother is a clone, whose "genes" were "built" with double influence of the father.


CloneGiz is featured in the final show of javamuseum, it is featured at the global networking project: [R][R][F]2005--->XP
and thus participated e.g. at the Images Festival for Video and New Media in Toronto/Canada - 6-17 April 2005.

Genetic Design Concept

Please refer to the genetic design page.


The conceptual interfacing-backbone of CloneGiz is to link visual information directly to mathematical expressions (as being an " abstract algebraic language "). This is done via providing interfaces for linking e.g. images to a computer algebra program, which has been adapted to that purpose. For details on the computer algebra programm (called JSym) please refer to the homepage of Tim Hoffmann at The concept of " algebraic links to visual information " allows for new ways of formulating mathematics as well as it allows for new approaches to image manipulations. CloneGiz is our first concrete " proof of concept ". Hence CloneGiz should be seen as a project in itself and at the same time as an example of the underlying interfacing-concept. Remark: For further illustrations of the concept please refer to the project In2 and InU2 on our homepage. Here we display examples for "mathematically motivated " image manipulations. However the " algebraic linking " for In2 and InU2-type manipulations hasn't been implemented (yet).


From the mathematical content it is clear that with cloneGiz no real "genetic manipulations" are modeled. Realistic models for that purpose (which are nothing else then mathematical formulas) will be much more complicated. For that reason cloneGiz can not be abused by racists. On the contrary - cloneGiz rather demonstrates the ridiculousness of controlled reproduction and rassistic ideologies: the model we use is rather simple but the outcome already looks quite unpredictable (see also "about genetic design").


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