About the question of genetic design:

Its a common scientific knowledge that facial and other body features of a - in particular human - creature are mostly determined by their genetic disposition. Nevertheless the choice of genes during the generative process of a human (also called conception) includes a (sofar) random process. Moreover the actual relation between genes and concrete body features is sofar very badly understood and presumably extremly complicated, if not uncomputable.

We do not want to exclude that there are statistically significant relations in body features of close relatives. In fact we would like to see actual figures. (Please contact us if you have scientifically sound data). Nevertheless by looking at the involved processes we are very convinced that it will be very hard, if not impossible to "design" certain features.

CloneGiz works with a very simple "genetic design model". (If one could call it like that at all...). Here the different parameters in a formula are rather easy to control. However one sees immediately that the outcome looks quite unpredictable - although the involved mathematics is predictable! But the mathematical outcome wouldn't even be predictable (up to statistical predicitions) if one includes a realistic random process. (These processes are for example implemented in a lot of survival-of-the-fittest genetic choice models as they appear in "genetic algorithms").

In view of the above it is also clear that e.g. attempts of Nazis to define such a thing as a "race" by physiognomic features is completely ridiculous.

Humans have the disposition to recognize and to contemplate about body features. This contemplation can assume perverse proportions as in the just mentioned racists arguments. But this contemplation appears also in such issues as e.g. in the discussion about beauty or - even more basic - in e.g. the ability of a child to recognize its parents.

With CloneGiz we want to contribute to the public discussion about genetic design. This is why we want to have CloneGiz for everybody accessible on the internet.

We think that Mangas and Noh masks are reflecting the process of contemplating about body features. Among others we see them somewhat as a certain core result of centuries of contemplation.

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