Remark: InU2 is a Quicktime movie of about 4.1MB. It can be viewed with open source viewers such as e.g. Xine.

About InU2:

The technical/mathematical background is the same as for In2. Please refer to the In2 page for details. The drawings in the video are made from two sculptures in the Berlin Pergamon Museum - one sculpture displaying a roman imperator, the other displaying a roman slave. InU2 is meant as an half-ironic comment to certain aspects of male/female communication/images in society/etc. In the video I frankly repositioned the two sculptures of the Pergamon museum. The sculptures were in different rooms. The slave was in a corner and the imperator was right in the center end of a big hall.

Acknowledgements: Thanks again to Tim for the help with the Java programming.

© Nadja Kutz, August 2004

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