ETUGUES description

In ETUGUES a source image will be traced by lines. In the same way as a person feels the elevations of an object by drawing little paths with his/her fingers on that object, the java applet "feels" the main features (like brightness) of the source image (the object) by drawing paths or lines.

The paths/lines are generated in a half random and half determined process.

While the applet is "discovering" or "feeling" the source image line by line, it comments on that "feeling" via the music. The music gets the more complex the more lines had been drawn and the more structure can be found in the image.

In a figurative sense, ETUGUES can "touch" any picture in the Internet and describe that feeling with music.

At the moment the technical possibilities of the Internet are still very restricted, especially with regard to the musical presentation. The ETUGUES - ETUDES GRADUEES are etudes/studies within a growing project.

If you want to use arbitrary pictures from the internet with ETUGUES see java restrictions and their workarounds.

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